Join the Meridian ICO
Join the Meridian ICO

Simple Loans. Digital Collateral.

Exchange your Meridian tokens for a Bitcoin Loan.

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47.281604 BTC




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What is Meridian?

Meridian is the first incarnation of Digital Collateral. You can use your Meridian Tokens as collateral to secure a Bitcoin loan from our platform. Because of this, Meridian is able to derive its value from activities other than price speculation alone.

As a borrower you are also able to increase your value in the market by building a history of loan repayments. This will boost your ability to secure additional loans in the future, and will also put you in position to earn larger repayment rewards.

How Meridian

1. Request Loan

Loans can be requested when the loan window is open. Once the window is open, you can submit your request.

2. Accept Loan Terms

After submitting your request, you are provided with a unique set of terms based on your repayment history and value as a borrower.

3. Submit MDN Collateral

The amount of Meridian required to secure your loan will be included in your unique repayment terms. After accepting the terms, you can submit your collateral.

4. Loan Granted

After accepting terms and submitting the required amount of MDN collateral, your Bitcoin loan is granted.

5. Repay Loan

Once repaid, you receive bonuses and rewards which will boost your value as a borrower and enable you to secure loans of higher value in the future.

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We are a small team based in London, UK that is dedicated to exploring real world usability for digital assets. We believe that digital assets can be used to make life simpler and more efficient. Meridian is the first step in this direction.

The Meridian ICO
is now Closed!

Frequently asked questions

What is Meridian?
Meridian is a digital asset that is designed to be used in combination with Bitcoin. Meridian tokens can be used as collateral to secure bitcoin loans from our platform. You are able to earn bonuses and rewards for completing loan repayments.
Who is eligible to receive a loan?
Collateral and repayment requirements will vary based on your repayment history. Users that are able to meet these requirements are eligible to receive a loan.
How can I buy Meridian tokens?
Meridian tokens can be purchased during our presale on October 12th 2017. After the ICO, Meridian tokens will become tradeable on all digital currency exchanges.
What is the procedure for applying for a loan?
You can apply for a bitcoin loan on our platform and receive instant approval if you meet eligibility requirements.
Are there any consequences for non-repayment?
Overall, due to the bonuses and rewards that are available, more financial benefit is derived from maintaining and building a solid history of loan repayments. Borrowers who fail to repay their loans forfeit their collateral and are banned from the service.
What safety measures are in place to prevent abuse?
Due to Meridians’ ability to appreciate in value, it is perfectly moulded to perform its role as digital collateral. Should a borrower fail to make repayments, funds will be recovered via value appreciation of the forfeited collateral.
How many times am I able to receive a loan?
Each completed loan repayment boosts your value as a borrower, and provides you with access to higher value loans. However, you can only receive one loan at any one time.
Are loans paid out in Meridian (MDN) or in Bitcoin?
All loans are paid out in bitcoin, provided that the required amount of Meridian is pledged as collateral.
Can I use any currency as collateral?
The only accepted form of collateral is Meridian [MDN]
Can third parties issue loans through the Meridian service?
We are not asking, encouraging or soliciting outside lenders to participate in the Meridian project. The responsibility of furnishing bitcoin loans rests solely on the Meridian team.

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